Project Proposal


School ID: 13008886

Project Title: Arm Tools Holder

Project Background: It is a tools holder that placed at the upper arm of the user. User is able to put in their tools easily, which also provides comfort while the user is at the workplace. Target user will be the technician and mechanics. There will be other features such as LED light whereby once the user places his tools at the holder, LED will light up. This helps user to ensure that the tools are secure. Another feature will be the reflective tape; will be place along at the side of the arm tools. This is to increase user visibility when the user is in low light environment.

Project Objectives: To enhance user experience

Project Materials needed: Fluorescent materials (reflective tape), Velcro, arm band, conductive thread, normal black thread, needle, scissors, and Lilypad Arduino equipment (Simple board, FTDI Break up, LED white light, Lilypad power supply, battery and button board.

Project Costs: $100 +/-


User will have better experience using this Arm Tools Holder because:

  • More comfort
  • More secure
  • User will be more confident (less worried)
  • Have safety

The 10 cards

An (upper)arm tools holder, which hold tools like screwdriver and spanner. It lights up green light when the tools are slot in to the holder. It has stable grip and comfort, user have a better experience when working.


Copy – I duplicate the lights, put it below. So it will light up more lights when a conductive tool is at the holder.


Delicate – I put few holes below the holder for air ventilation


Compress – I cut out and removes the space below the holder which I think its the least important space.


Clean – I lighten the color from black to light grey, and behind the arm band have smooth layer.


Echo – Repeat, the detail getting lesser


Force – I add more components which possibly can be added on this product. The added product will be like the screw pockets and lines at the sides (which can glow in the dark).


Lifeline – I asked one of my classmates, Azliah,


Ghost – Echo a design classic


Replace – Replace component with another component


Equalise – Assign same of importance to all components

Design Boards


The first board will be my Ideation, Research, Development and Journey Map. I make it like a timeline to let people know the process, how I came up with the idea.


The second board will be my sketches, I will show my sketches of my product. I will show my initial sketches, how I progress and improve my product and my final sketches.


This is my third board, here I will have documentation. I will show my progression, things that I did for through out the project.


This whole board I will use for my design process. This is where I combine all elements, the sketches, materials, thoughts in it.


Lastly, the last board I will use almost the whole board for my final product, which I will also indicates some of the parts of the product. The two images will be below will be the two different side views of the product, and also some description on how to us poduct.

Redarus’s Project


Name: Arm alarm clock

Target User: Adult (age 18-40)

Problem: User having difficulties of waking up in the morning on time. Using normal alarm is not efficient enough. As he heard the normal alarm clock, he just switch it off easily and went back to sleep.


Name: James Khoo

Age: 28

Occupation: Assistance manager

Description: Quite late for work sometimes, in terms of work, he always up to date and accomplished task on time. He lives together with his mother alone in a four room flat. He work 5 days per week, he need to reach at his workplace at 8.00 am, so he needs to wake up at 6.00 am.


With this product, user needs to do some hand motion to stop the alarm. This helps to prevent him from going back to sleep and therefore he can wake up on time. And there’s no need for him to rush to work to be on time.


Leah Buechley presents the Computational Sketchbook by Jie Qi at Ars Electronica…

It is very good interaction pop-up book for kids. A pop-up book contains interactive paper-based interfaces powered through a Arduino Lilypad.

Chris Ball » An e-mail counting t-shirt

It is interesting way to see how much unread e-mail I have using an Arduino Lilypad and Bluetooth dongle. (Conductive threads, LED, and other tech stuff)


Beating Heart Headband

Simple project not complicated. Build a pulse-sensing headband that flashes a heart-shaped LED display to the beating of your heart.


My product (Arm Alarm Clock)