Redarus’s Project


Name: Arm alarm clock

Target User: Adult (age 18-40)

Problem: User having difficulties of waking up in the morning on time. Using normal alarm is not efficient enough. As he heard the normal alarm clock, he just switch it off easily and went back to sleep.


Name: James Khoo

Age: 28

Occupation: Assistance manager

Description: Quite late for work sometimes, in terms of work, he always up to date and accomplished task on time. He lives together with his mother alone in a four room flat. He work 5 days per week, he need to reach at his workplace at 8.00 am, so he needs to wake up at 6.00 am.


With this product, user needs to do some hand motion to stop the alarm. This helps to prevent him from going back to sleep and therefore he can wake up on time. And there’s no need for him to rush to work to be on time.


Leah Buechley presents the Computational Sketchbook by Jie Qi at Ars Electronica…

It is very good interaction pop-up book for kids. A pop-up book contains interactive paper-based interfaces powered through a Arduino Lilypad.

Chris Ball » An e-mail counting t-shirt

It is interesting way to see how much unread e-mail I have using an Arduino Lilypad and Bluetooth dongle. (Conductive threads, LED, and other tech stuff)


Beating Heart Headband

Simple project not complicated. Build a pulse-sensing headband that flashes a heart-shaped LED display to the beating of your heart.


My product (Arm Alarm Clock)



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