The 10 cards

An (upper)arm tools holder, which hold tools like screwdriver and spanner. It lights up green light when the tools are slot in to the holder. It has stable grip and comfort, user have a better experience when working.


Copy – I duplicate the lights, put it below. So it will light up more lights when a conductive tool is at the holder.


Delicate – I put few holes below the holder for air ventilation


Compress – I cut out and removes the space below the holder which I think its the least important space.


Clean – I lighten the color from black to light grey, and behind the arm band have smooth layer.


Echo – Repeat, the detail getting lesser


Force – I add more components which possibly can be added on this product. The added product will be like the screw pockets and lines at the sides (which can glow in the dark).


Lifeline – I asked one of my classmates, Azliah,


Ghost – Echo a design classic


Replace – Replace component with another component


Equalise – Assign same of importance to all components


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