Project Proposal


School ID: 13008886

Project Title: Arm Tools Holder

Project Background: It is a tools holder that placed at the upper arm of the user. User is able to put in their tools easily, which also provides comfort while the user is at the workplace. Target user will be the technician and mechanics. There will be other features such as LED light whereby once the user places his tools at the holder, LED will light up. This helps user to ensure that the tools are secure. Another feature will be the reflective tape; will be place along at the side of the arm tools. This is to increase user visibility when the user is in low light environment.

Project Objectives: To enhance user experience

Project Materials needed: Fluorescent materials (reflective tape), Velcro, arm band, conductive thread, normal black thread, needle, scissors, and Lilypad Arduino equipment (Simple board, FTDI Break up, LED white light, Lilypad power supply, battery and button board.

Project Costs: $100 +/-


User will have better experience using this Arm Tools Holder because:

  • More comfort
  • More secure
  • User will be more confident (less worried)
  • Have safety

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